I am Maria Gullberg-McCadden.  I hate talking about myself, so this is a difficult page to write.  When I visit a blog or website for the first time I always go right to the “About” page; first impressions & all!  If you haven’t all ready clicked away in horror, then read on.

I am an artist & art teacher (K-8), a mother of two grown children (son-26 & daughter-24; I am 49), I am Catholic and an Associate of the Adrian Dominican Sisters in Michigan.  Although my faith guides me in life, my artist spirit adds depth & meaning to it.  I think it is what makes it easy for me to see the potential in others and in the world around me.  It is also what makes me want to help create a world where people can enjoy the beauty that I see.

I am passionate about my art and my children.  I think my children were what defined me until they turned 18 & moved out.  Maybe that’s when I turned my attention more passionately towards social justice issues.  Being a single mom with two kids and (most of the time) two or three jobs, I never had time to be an activist.  Now I’m irritating people left & right!  “Is that Fair Trade Chocolate?”  “Is that organic cotton?”  “You know that was probably made with slave labor, right?”

I started this blog at my daughter’s suggestion.  Thanks for the push, dear daughter!  In a liturgical skit I wrote for an All Saints Day mass, one child reads a little story about the problems kids face in life while other children say “What shall we do?  What can we do?”  Well, I’m at a point in my life where I’ve decided that I can do something rather than nothing!  And so it begins.

My other interests include gardening, cooking, reading, sewing, swimming, and singing in my car (I don’t care who sees me!).  Because I’ve already discovered that everything in this world is connected somehow, you may see posts about my other interests as well as social justice issues.  Hopefully not too often!


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Maria, I was referred to your blog by Jeff Nguyen, for whom I just wrote a guest-blog. He suggested we might have values in common. I’m eager to follow and learn what you have to say.

    • Jeff’s the best! I will check out your guest post. These months are busy for me so I usually only post once a month. I hope you’ll be patient with my spontaneity! Thanks for the follow!

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