You Need to Donate to the International Rescue Committee. Here’s Why.

I love the idea of using your birthday to raise funds for a cause you are passionate about! Here’s one that is helping refugees and IDP’s. Whether or not you support Heba’s cause, it’s a creative way to do something positive. Good ideas: Pass them on!

Positive Activism

By the end of 2013, the total number of forcibly displaced persons worldwide reached 51.2 million. That’s EIGHT TIMES the population of New York City. It’s also shocking, disappointing, and ridiculous. There is something you can do to help better the lives of these displaced persons though, and I’m here to tell you what it is.

Some Background

Picture it, Sicily, 1938…. Actually, I’d like you to picture Palestine, 1948, but if you understood that reference, kudos to you! 1948 was the year Palestine was partitioned into two states, Palestine and Israel, and also the year that began decades of difficulty for Palestinians. As the power of the Israeli state grew, the lives of Palestinians were disrupted as their land was taken from them, their homes destroyed, and their livelihoods undermined. Today, one of the largest groups of displaced persons emerged from the Palestinian territories.

It is this history that…

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