Middle East: Refugees hit by more violent winter storms

With the return of our Dominican delegation from Iraq, I know the winter cold is taking it’s toll on the many refugees, displaced, terrorized, and oppressed of this region. Pray for peace, and end to their suffering, and give your support in whatever way you can. This situation is heartbreaking!

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Independent Catholic News

The most violent winter storm for two decades swept across conflict-affected areas of the Middle East last week bringing heavy snow, rainfall, high winds and freezing temperatures. Syrians, Gazans, and Iraqis struggling to cope with war in their own countries or as refugees far from home are facing freezing weather conditions.

“War has left us without any way to defend ourselves against the cold. We have no electricity most of the time, no fuel and no gas. We have no way to stay warm apart from putting on many layers of clothes, which don’t help so much in -8 degrees,”  said a staff member from Caritas Syria in Damascus.

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