INTERVIEW: Deacon Denny Duffell, called to a life of nonviolence

Inspiring nonviolence at a time when violence seems to be the norm. Compassion is the key to living a nonviolent life no matter what you do or where you minister.


Denny Duffell is a deacon living in NE Seattle and a Pax Christi USA local group leader. A Matter of Spirit (AMOS), the journal of the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center, asked him a few questions about his commitment to nonviolence.

AMOS: What encounters have led you to a nonviolent lifestyle?

dennyDENNY DUFFELL: I was short and scrappy as a kid, but a fight on asphalt, when I threw another kid to the ground and knocked him out, instantly replaced my anger with a dread that I had hurt someone seriously—and it changed my life. I still remember that day.

I matured as a student in the late ’60s, influenced by the civil rights struggle and the anti-war movement. I was raised Catholic, and my reflections on Jesus’ life and teachings led me to reject war, war-making and preparing for war. I sought and received Conscientious Objector status. Instead of…

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