Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!

Nicci Attfield has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!  Thanks, Nicci!  I’ve not been blogging long, so I am honoured to be included in such a list of outstanding bloggers.  I only started blogging about two years ago at my daughter’s suggestion, so I really feel like that little fish in the big pond.  Nicci blogs about the social world and shares her perspectives in a very thoughtful way.  She also shares her daughter’s beautiful artwork!


According to the Rules you need to do the following (although, if you don’t, I’m quite sure no bad things will happen, no parts will fall-off, your blog will not self-destruct, and your camels will not lose their humps!):

Provide the link to the person who nominated you.
Add the reward logo (above).
Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know via comments.
Ask your nominees 10 questions.

My nominees are:

1.  Carol Hand at Voices from the Margins.  A wise woman with whom I would love to one day take a long walk, orrrr….  just help her tend her garden!

2.  Claire Marie O’Brien at Electrica in the Desert.  A Journalist with heart & integrity.

3.  Skywalker at Skywalker Storyteller.  Deep and gentle insights into life, death, and healing.

4.  Susan at Wobbly Warrior.  Advocating for justice for those caught in our broken judiciary system.  A tireless warrior!

5.  Linda Petersen at Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities.  Inspiring love, grace & skills for “everyday” life as well as the occasional challenge!

6.  Jenny Carlbom at Sweden and the Middle East.  Swedish humanitarian aid worker and writer.  I love her compassionate perspective!

7.  Mary Caperton Morton at Travels With the Blonde Coyote.  I live vicariously through her travels, hiking, and just being in nature with nothing more than her thoughts & photos, her dog, her teardrop, Mother Nature, and a few good friends.

So, here are my answers to Nicci’s questions:

Lets start with, do you drink coffee or tea and why?    Do I drink coffee?!?!  I love coffee!  I started drinking it black when I was 18.  I was at my aunt’s & she had run out of sugar.  I thought “I can’t drink this stuff with just cream!”  I started drinking tea at a much younger age when my grandmother would cut it with tons of cream & loads of sugar.  I now enjoy Earl Grey and  Green Tea, but black or with a touch of honey.  I do need that caffeine kick in the morning or I get headaches.  Tea I enjoy in the afternoons with a cookie to take me through my last period art class.
What’s your favorite color and why?    Although I don’t wear it well, my favourite colour is yellow.  Not the kind on the colour wheel; a softer, warmer, golden yellow.  I love what the setting sun does to the interior walls of my home as it pours in my back windows.  The walls of my studio are orange while my living room walls are yellow.  My studio & living room are then bathed at sunset in a warm glow that makes me feel like God is giving me a big, warm hug.  I also love green.  As an artist, it’s hard to have a favourite, but green just seems to have endless possibilities.  In my Catholic tradition green is also the colour of hope.

What ambitions do you seek in this world?    I do not consider myself an ambitious person, so I would say that I am a seeker without pre-conceived ambitions.

What inspires you to blog?    Sometimes I am inspired to write about insights from world/local news or my daily life.  If nature inspires my art, then people and social justice inspire my writing.

How do you select topics to blog upon?    When a topic seems to occupy my thoughts for more than a week, then I’ll probably start a draft.  If it sits in my draft box for more than a month, then I will probably delete it.  By then, someone else has probably written something better & I’m apt to simply re-blog their post.

Do you think blogging as social media is constructive for engaging with people?      I do!!!   I do not think it is a replacement for the people in my life who can meet me for coffee or who can pick me up when my car breaks down, but I do value my blogging community.  I am still in awe of technology & how we can connect so readily with others around the world!

Have you received solidarity and support for writing what you write?    Like Nicci, I have received support & made an amazing connection with Jeff Nguyen at deconstructingmyths.  What a generous blogger & insightful human being!  I can always count on “likes” & “comments” from Jeff!

When faced with opposition, what’s your reaction?    Opposition on WordPress?  When I first started this journey into blogging I was warned (via a post on the Minimalists blog) that seagulls will swoop in, dump on you, & fly away (they used more colorful language; scroll down to #15 of the above link!).  I tend to ignore the negative comments.  If I think it warrants a reply or a gentle correction, I’ll engage in one or two replies & then let it go.  After all, they’ll eventually just fly away.

Any humanitarian campaigns which you support/or would love to support?    I am a big advocate of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW).  Their newly released film “Food Chains” is a documentary about the injustices in the fields.  The daily life of farmworkers in the US is simply unbelievable!  I recommend seeing the movie, getting involved, and making better informed decisions at the grocery store when buying produce.  Find out more here.

What’s your future calling?    I’m always in a state of discernment when it comes to my future.  About every 7-10 years I’m in flux.  I’m in one now.  I’ll keep you posted!

And, here are my 10 questions:

Although I liked many of the questions passed along, I have edited my list.

  1. Do you drink coffee or tea & why?
  2. What is your favourite flower & why?
  3. What’s the most inspiring book you ever read?
  4. Who inspires you the most, and why?
  5. Where do you find inspiration for blogging?
  6. Do you think blogging as social media is constructive for engaging with people?
  7. Have you received solidarity and support for writing what you write?
  8. When faced with negative comments, how do you respond?
  9. Any humanitarian campaigns which you support/or would love to support?
  10. Is there anywhere you haven’t gone, or anything you haven’t done that you hope to see or do one day?

4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!

  1. A well-deserved recognition of your work on peace and social justice, Maria. Thank you for sharing more about yourself!

    I am honored by your kind words and am grateful for your support and friendship. I send my best wishes to you and your family 🙂

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