REFLECTION: Solidarity and nonviolence in Ferguson

This is worth the 2000+ words! Insightful, honest, and true. Even as a white mother of two part black children, I am made to feel uncomfortable by some of the statements made in this article from Ferguson. Jenny Truax speaks the truth: As white people we simply cannot tell people of color how to act in the face of racist structures! We just can’t!
I am struck by the following:
“What is the “acceptable” response to centuries of state violence, slavery, lynchings, rapes, mass incarceration, and the continued implementation of “separate but equal”? We ask the guests at Karen House, and receive a consistent answer: “Yep, they locked up my brother for walking while black.” “The police beat up my cousin on the street.” “I’ve got a felony, so I can’t find a job or an apartment.” People have a right to feel rage at yet another shooting of an unarmed black teenager and to yell about it to high heaven! For myself, I can help create events that jive with my personal belief in nonviolence, but I’m not going to tell people of color how they should be responding. It’s insulting and patronizing, adding more salt to the wound.”
I will not add salt to this gaping, open wound called Racism.

Pax Christi USA

by Jenny Truax


There are two Americas: one that privileges white people, and one for that exists for non-whites. The killing of Mike Brown and the resistance in Ferguson have shown a bright light on this fact, making many of us in the former category uncomfortable indeed.  I am a seasoned, radical, anarchist Catholic Worker who believes in nonviolence and anti-racist principles; I thought that I “got it.” My understanding of these two Americas resided more in my intellect than in my heart, despite having done and hospitality for homeless women and resistance work for over 15 years. Mike Brown and Ferguson have pushed me forward in the journey in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  So I ask myself, what would I want to know?  If it were you here in Ferguson instead of me, if it were you hearing these stories, marching on the street, and sitting in the…

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5 thoughts on “REFLECTION: Solidarity and nonviolence in Ferguson

  1. Maria, I nominated your blog for the sisterhood of the bloggers award, because of the work you do for peace and community.

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