CIW Movie “Food Chains” in WPB via TUGG!

This will be short & sweet & then I’m off to sleep…. The film “Food Chains” is opening in select theatres on November 21st. The film has won rave reviews at some of this year’s film festivals. It is all about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the group of workers from the tomato fields of SW Florida who continue to work (since 1993) for human rights, dignity, justice, and fair food.  If you live & blog in Florida, please re-blog or share the link on your social media sites.  There will be a screening of the film in West Palm Beach on November 22nd, but only if we can sell another 32 tickets!  Click here for the TUGG link to this event & get some tickets!

Knowledge is half the solution to any issue.  The more you know, the better you can help advocate.  The more you advocate, the better our world becomes.  It’s an exponential thing.  Let’s get this film screened on the Treasure Coast & help spread awareness.  Publix & Wendy’s are sweatin’ it out.  We need to turn up the heat!


One thought on “CIW Movie “Food Chains” in WPB via TUGG!

  1. Correction: November 24th! Also…. We sold-out the first round of tickets! This event is now confirmed and additional number of tickets has been made available so that the film will be shown in a larger theatre! Awesome! Last I checked there are still 48 tickets available at the TUGG link above. I can’t wait!

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