A Great Hope in Common

Last weekend was Assembly for my Florida Chapter.  Each year around this time Adrian Dominican Sisters & Associates from each of the eight Chapters gather for a one or two day Assembly.  Topics and issues discussed vary each year.  This is my third Assembly & they just keep getting better & better!  A week later I am still trying to process all the wonderful things that were said, the amazing people whom I call family, and all the issues before us that hold both promise and peril.  Our theme this year is “A great hope in common.”

I’ve been busy at school & at home, so I haven’t been attentive to my blogging community for the last month.  While catching-up in my Reader, I was struck  by Carol Hand’s blog post that expresses so perfectly a truth that I’m sure is true for many of us who blog about peace, social justice, and our world.  Although we are bombarded with negativity each day, there really is more beauty and more good in the world than some would have us think.  And, borrowing from this year’s theme, we really do have a great hope in common!  When talking about peace & justice last weekend I tried to encourage the members of my community that “a struggle only feels desperate & hopeless if we feel alone in the struggle.”  We need to remind ourselves & each other that we are not alone.  There is great hope and great promise!

Three peace & justice issues that we in the Florida Chapter are focused on are Immigration Reform, the Environment & Climate Change, and Capital Punishment; Pax Christi posted on their blog a piece about this last one (actually several posts on this issue!).  I am so proud of one of our sisters, Sr. Pat, who holds vigil on the steps of her local courthouse every time this state executes someone in our names.  I respect all life and, like Sr. Pat, I do not want people killed in my name or anyone else’s!  It’s bad enough when lawmakers support legislation that I do not, but to take a life in my name is beyond reprehensible.  It gives me great hope knowing that so many others feel the same and continue to work for an end to this horrible punishment.  Our judiciary system is flawed & humans are not infallible.  Over and over again people are being exonerated of crimes they did not commit.  Thanks, Wobbly Warrior for your efforts on this issue!


 Peace to all of you who work with so much passion to make our world a beautiful place!

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