A Voice for Women at the UN Climate Leadership Summit: WECAN Members Attend Crucial International Assembly

WECAN is an amazing group of women working hard for Climate Action!

Women's Voices for Climate Justice

Top international politicians, scientists, businesspeople, and civil society activists gather today in New York City for the 2014 United Nation Climate Leadership Summit. Convened by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as a platform for world leaders to present and generate support for climate action proposals, the Summit is widely regarded as a critical ‘make it or break it’ moment in international environmental policy.

Recognizing that the Summit represents a crucial tipping point, and that both political and grassroots efforts are needed for meaningful action, activists of many background and visions have united to mobilize and insure that UN leaders understand the imperative for immediate action. 400,000 people marched on the streets on New York Sunday and thousands held a sit-in the next day near Wall Street to let world leaders know people want climate justice and they want action now.

After a week at the forefront of on-the-ground civil society actions…

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