Climate Change, March, Action & Ribbons

As International Day of Peace draws to a close I pour over news reports, tweets & images in absolute awe of the power of the human spirit! Corporations are certainly NOT people! The 310, 000 participants who marched for climate action in NYC and around the globe are people. The thousands who participated in some peaceful action today are people. Those who couldn’t march, yet prayed for peace today are people. I am awed & inspired by such powerful people!

I look forward to tomorrow afternoon when my 8th graders begin work on their Climate Ribbon Project inspired installation piece in our school’s garden. Last week we sent our ribbons to NYC to be added to the thousands of ribbons that would become part of Swoon’s installation “Tree of Life” at today’s People’s Climate March.  Now, as part of a year-long effort to keep Climate Change on our priority lists long after the UN’s Climate Summit ends, the students I teach will create their own “Tree of Life.”  Each quarter I’ll see a new group of students who will add to the installation.  I hope the grown-ups will take notice!

I will post pictures of our work soon.

Happy International Day of Peace, everyone!  May it last for more than a day.  Peace.


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