Have You Written Pope Francis Lately?

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the “lost arts” like letter writing, sewing, baking, and needlework. Letter writing is an art that is sometimes missed by those over a certain age, and completely unknown to the youth of today.  Do you remember “snail-mail?”  Well, once upon a time I used to be quite good at it (I was stunned when my mother revealed to me that she has saved all of my letters from when I was in college!).

Letter writing truly is an art.  While writing letters to family or friends, you connect in a very tangible, intimate way.  You express yourself slowly and deliberately, and then, once the letter is mailed, you are filled with anticipation, hope, and wonder while your await a reply.  It could be weeks before you receive a response!  Today’s media and technology make us all impatient.  If we don’t receive a reply within 24 hours, we’re ready to “un-friend” a true friend and anyone else who “follows” them!  I imagine the bloggers of today were once excellent letter-writers in a former life, but now our art has been conscripted to our computers, lap-tops, and the internet.  Until now!

Today I stumbled upon a blog post from the Jesuits which shares Fr. Jim Hug’s letter to our dear Pope Francis.  I love it!  I met Fr. Jim just last week, and have had the privilege of hearing him speak and proclaim the Gospel three times in Adrian during this last year.  His delivery is inspiring and stirs the Spirit!  Please read his letter to the Pope.  It will stir your spirit as well, and may even inspire you (as it did me) to reclaim the lost art of letter-writing!  I do wonder how Pope Francis will reply?

I patiently await his reply.


One thought on “Have You Written Pope Francis Lately?

  1. I loved writing letters when I was younger too. Now I do write emails, but it isn’t quite the same. No coloured or scented paper, gummy stamps or hoping the letter doesn’t get lost. Still fun though.

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