I’ve Missed This

Not sure if anyone missed me, but I’ve missed you.

Although I’m not a “dedicated blogger” (whatever that means), I like to at least try to post something original 2-4 times a month.  That was a little goal I set for myself when I started this adventure.  But the end of the school year just hits me hard in May.  My life is not my own.  I get overwhelmed at school where I am trying to get kids to finish their art projects before the last week so I can grade it & get it back to them before the final day.  That’s about 500 pieces of artwork!!!!  All while planning the 8th grade Farewell Mass and Graduation with its practices & working with the Top 10 students on speeches, readings, and prayers.  Oh, and the 8th grade artists who design the program cover for their Graduation!  Whew!

“No excuses!” I was told by a friend when I complained I hadn’t been to the pool to swim for three weeks.  Boy, am I out of shape in more ways than one!  So, school ended last week & Friday I checked-out with my Principal.  I’ve been to work-out in the pool 3 times already & have done yoga &/or pilates each morning that I did not swim.  Hooray!  <and, yes, I’m sore & tired>

So!  No excuses!  I’m back & looking forward to 2 1/2 months of reading, blogging, painting, gardening, sewing, praying, catching-up with friends & family, and generally trying to find a better way to be in the world.  In short:  Doing what matters.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Missed This

  1. Yes, you’ve been missed Maria! Enjoy your summer siesta…by the end of summer you’ll be ready to go back to school. You’ll need a break from your break!

    Any news on Wendy’s or Publix yet?

    • Jeff, you are sweet! I will enjoy this summer. We do need breaks here & there! Wendy’s & Publix are still not signing, but efforts continue to get them to sign on. The CIW has just launched a Catapult campaign to raise money for a new Fair Food Standards Auditor. I’m drafting a new Publix letter to let them know I will no longer shop there until they sign on. I’ve had it with their rhetoric!

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