2014 CIW Vigil Reflections-Intro

Two years ago while visiting my brother & sister-in-law in New Mexico someone there asked me if my experiences in that beautiful state were all I had hoped for. I stopped to think for a moment before I answered, “I never travel or pursue new experiences with expectations. This way I’m never disappointed, but am always surprised, delighted, and awed.” My approach to participating in CIW actions is the same, and this year’s 24-hour vigil in front of the Southgate Publix in Lakeland, Florida did not disappoint.  Again!
I extended my stay in south-west Florida with a mini family reunion of sorts on both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, so I’m thoroughly exhausted & excited by this weekend’s events. Let this post serve as a kind of “intro” to some of my reflections from this newest action by the CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers).  Unlike the media-crew working in the tent by the port-a-pots during the wee-small hours of our vigil, I will not let my “head hit the keyboard” while trying to post a report.  I will get some sleep now, collect my thoughts later, & blog this week about the vigil, the march, and the ongoing struggle to get Publix & Wendy’s to the Fair Food table of justice.  I do have pictures & video to share, but for now enjoy the expert pics from the link above & my first pics below.  ZZzzzzz……………


“Now is the Time for Fair Food”

My homemade, light-weight flags (easier to carry for 24-30 hours!).

 downsized_0314141556Arrived at the Southgate Plaza Friday afternoon, 14 March 2014.  Lots of people; lots of sunshine!


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