CIW Now Is The Time Finale

Getting ready for tomorrow’s 24-hour vigil in Lakeland, Florida!  This is the finale to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ 10-day “Now Is The Time” tour that began last week, Ash Wednesday, March 5th.  I’m charging my devices so I can record & share some of the next 48 hours with everyone, and I’m packing the bare necessities for spending the night outside on a sidewalk.  I keep reminding myself that this little challenge to my stamina is nothing compared to the daily poverty and abuse faced by the farmworkers of Immokalee.  Looking forward to seeing everyone from the CIW & know that I’ll be packin’ jam!  Homemade Treasure Coast local, organic, slave-free Strawberry jam; but that’s a mouthful.  I call this latest batch “Now Is The Time” Strawberry Jam.  The perfect treat for a guilt-free march/rally in pursuit of Fair Food!

And if you want to join the finale, it’s not too late.  Click here for details.  See you in Lakeland!



2 thoughts on “CIW Now Is The Time Finale

  1. The CIW continue to amaze me with their perseverance and dedication to their cause. Their struggle for human rights, dignity and a living wage is all of our struggle in this era of modern day capitalism.

    Now is the time to speak up and speak out on whatever cause we have a passion for and build alliances in solidarity with others to tap into our collective strengths. Looking forward to your report on the latest CIW actions, Maria.

    • It was an amazing experience staying up all night with the CIW & their dedicated supporters. They are so joyful, generous, appreciative, and hopeful! They are inspiring & I feel blessed to be so warmly welcomed by them. They were happy to accept the Strawberry Jam! More on my experiences later… I just got home about 2 hours ago. My mother & brother drove out to Lakeland Saturday evening so we could spend some time together with old family friends today. An exhausting weekend! More later…. Zzzzz….

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