Join the CIW March Action “Now Is The Time Tour”

The CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) has announced its plans for a 10-day/10-city tour: March 5-15, 2014 “Now Is The Time Tour!” Click here to find out more and to register to participate with the CIW.  Meanwhile the Treasure Coast Fair Food (TCFF) advocacy group is making plans to get a bus together for Saturday, March 15th.  We plan to depart from Stuart & head on over to Lakeland, Florida to participate in the final day of action.

There is simply no excuse for Publix to hold on to their unjust & outdated rhetoric. At a time when the whole world is fully aware and fully engaged in many causes for the just treatment of workers in all forms of industry, it is shameful that Publix Supermarkets holds fast to their denial of justice & respect for the workers in the Agricultural Industry.  Publix may be a big, bad corporate wolf, but the CIW and the Fair Food Program are stronger than their corporate greed.  The CIW, the TCFF, Interfaith Action, Student/Farmworker Alliance, and all the many supporters are determined to continue working for justice & respect until all farmers & buyers are members of the Fair Food Program.

If you live in the area & would like a seat on the TCFF bus, please let me know & we’ll make it happen.  Our goal is 50 people!  If you live somewhere along the tour route, find your local contact & join a rally near you.  As for me (and my friend Gwen & her daughters!), I will take off Friday the 14th to participate in the 24-hour vigil in solidarity with the members of the CIW who are sacrificing their income for 10 days in order to again invite Publix (& Wendy’s) to the table.

The time is indeed NOW!


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

~~~Martin Luther King, Jr.~~~


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