TELL OBAMA TO STOP KEYSTONE XL before its too late (petition)

When I first learned about the pipeline & Tar Sands I did a little research. What I found just floored me. I offer the following image: Imagine the world, our precious planet Earth, as a living, breathing, fragile child. She is full of life, energy, and love. She has skin, bones, organs, & blood just like us. Every time we drill, frack, or blow the tops off mountains it is like we are gouging into her flesh leaving open, bleeding, festering wounds. Eventually Earth will die unless we stop this madness. Sign a petition. Make a call. Mail a letter. Join a vigil. Get involved!




Even with a president who recently professed a lofty goal of getting all cars off of oil, even with one of our stronger climate hawk senators as the new secretary of state, the State Department still released a joke of an environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline, taking us one big step closer to approval of this project that should be a no-brainer of a rejection.

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