Oh! My! Gosh!

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) just signed a Fair Food agreement with Wal-Mart!!!!!

Came home thoroughly exhausted & ready for bed at 6 pm, but not after reading my e-mail.  This news is better than a pot of coffee with a triple shot of espresso chasers for perking up this tired teacher!  We’ve been so focused on Publix & Wendy’s, who knew Wal-Mart was even on our radar?  Not me!  So, Publix, what excuse do you have now?  Wendy’s?  How ’bout you?  Why won’t you join the Fair Food Program?  Not only is it the fair & just thing to do; it now seems to be in vogue!

*** I still won’t shop at Wal-Mart, & I haven’t for the past 12 years, but good for them!  When big corporations acknowledge that people & the environment matter, that’s a step forward in our continuing struggle for Social Justice and Nature’s Rights.  Here’s to working for change!***


8 thoughts on “OMG-CIW-OMG-CIW!!!!

  1. I just read the news too, Maria. There were rumors at last year’s march on Publix that Wal-Mart was at the table. Great news for the hard working farmers and their families of Immokalee. Sí se puede!

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