The Persistent Widow

As the holidays rapidly approach, I am again reminder of the CIW’s four-year struggle to get Publix to join the Fair Food Program.  In the last two months members of the CIW and their supporters have been on campaigns to get Wendy’s & Publix to join the many other corporations in this just & fair program.  On October 16th members of the CIW were in NYC to receive the Roosevelt Freedom From Want medal.  What a wonderful moment!  Wish I could have been there!

The CIW is this century’s “persistent widow” begging for justice (Luke 18:1-8), and Publix & Wendy’s are the grumpy old judge who doesn’t fear God & has no respect for other human beings.  A classic tale of Biblical proportions!

This Thanksgiving we are again asked to take action in support of the CIW.  Send letters to the editor, the CEO, the managers. Post messages & links through social media.  Make your voice be heard!  The Treasure Coast Fair Food advocacy group is holding a rally in front of the Wendy’s in Stuart, Florida on Saturday, November 16th at 11 am.  Other groups all across the US are hosting actions during this week, Wendy’s Founders Day celebrations.  Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate a day of Fair Food with them?

Please join an action near you and become a “persistent widow!”  Eventually we’ll wear down that grumpy old judge & receive justice!


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