International Day of Peace

Yesterday was International Day of Peace (designated by the UN in 1981).  Lots of people all over the world marked this day in one way or another with public displays, and/or private prayer.  Sadly violence, anger, death, terror, and general unrest continue to capture headlines.  Whenever I speak of this day I speak of it the way I do Christmas or Easter; it is a “reminder day” to help us carry the message of peace throughout the year EVERY DAY!
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I’ve been marking International Day of Peace for the last six or seven years at my school with a project called Pinwheels for Peace.  The kids love it & I get to help sow seeds of peace along with them!  Thanks to my daughter I’ve been made aware of a new group that is having a conference in NY this weekend, the International Women’s Earth & Climate Initiative (IWECI).  Talk about a group of peacemakers!  Currently they are streaming the speakers, and then they will have You-tube videos available.  These women from all over the world are making change and creating peace in many ways, both locally & globally.  Watching some of the live-streaming has encouraged me in my small efforts where I teach.  Peace really does begin in our own hearts.  By becoming more peaceful with ourselves, we can then move outward and catch more and more people into a wave of peaceful change that will benefit our local communities & ultimately the whole world.

The world is sick, hurt, and hungry for peace and healing.  Working for peace & justice doesn’t have to feel pointless, overwhelming or hopeless, and it isn’t.  For every headline about violence & injustice, there are many more about triumph, peace & goodwill.  Being peaceful people and working for justice & change isn’t something we do one day out of the year; it’s something we must do everyday.


5 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. Happy Day of Peace to you, Maria! Indeed, every day we should be working for peace and justice, each according to our abilities and gifts. Thank you for all that you do to make the world a little brighter for the rest of us.

      • Welcome back, it looks the CIW is busy as ever. By chance, did you leave some comments at my blog? It showed the commenter as Anonymous? If you prefer not to be identified I understand.

      • The “Oh, my” comment is mine, but it should come up as me. I’m not the anonymous type! Seriously, though, your posts are thoughtful, well researched, and necessary. Keep up the good work & keep deconstructing what we are being spoon-fed!

      • I really appreciated the encouraging words, Maria. I needed that. Hope all is well on the Treasure Coast!

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