Happy Feast Day Sts. Joachim & Ann!

Today is the Feast Day of the parents of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God (to those of us who are Christian/Catholic, anyway).  Saints Joachim and Ann aren’t mentioned in the Gospels, and not much is known about them, so naturally my imagination is apt to wander.  I know how I felt as a mother throughout  my pregnancy & then the joy (& pain!) of birth since I have two wonderful children, but I can only imagine how grandparents feel during these months.  {BTW:  I am in no hurry to become a grandparent, kids!}

Having just returned from a week in Adrian, Michigan at the Adrian Dominican Motherhouse I’m feeling very relaxed, peaceful, and hopeful about many things.  I’ll post pictures and thoughts on that later, but today’s feast has me thinking, well… um…. rather silly thoughts!  You know Kate & William just had a baby, so how do their parents & the Queen feel?  A new King!  Everyone just looks so proud!  Now imagine Ann & Joachim’s reaction to Mary’s news.

We’re all familiar with the stereotypes of grandmother’s sitting around a kitchen table talking about everything from their children to their grandchildren, how to get grass stains out of clothing, who has the worst aches & pains, and who has the best recipe for pie crust.  My over-active imagination thought of the following conversation that might take place between Queen Elizabeth and St. Ann:

Queen Elizabeth:  My grandson just produced an heir to the Royal Throne!  He’ll be King one day!  He’ll rule our great nation.  Well, technically he won’t have any real power, but he’ll be King!

St. Ann:  My grandson is God.

This is what happens when I’m de-stressed; I see the silly side of life!

Hug a parent &/or a parent today & wish them joy!


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