Ah! Perspective!

Sunday breakfast after mass at our favourite restaurant is a tradition in my family.  I really enjoy sitting down once a week to catch-up with family & friends, but since my mother began taking care of my 96 year old grandmother who embodies all that is the stereotypic stubborn-Irish-matriarch, mmmmm… not so much!  When not feeling up to it I often opt out with the usual excuses.

A few weeks ago I made the effort to attend since my uncle was in from out of state for a short visit. When the conversation turned to “buy local-eat seasonal” I got my game-face on, and was ready to promote Farmer’s Markets & growing your own organic, pesticide-free food!  I argued the usual points to those who were amazed at what I pay for produce from my local organic farmer, but I thought my grandmother & a family friend would have a heart-attack when they heard me say I pay $5 for a dozen eggs (about twice a month; $10 a month?  Really?).

Well, I just returned home from yet another family tradition:  The $11.99 Monday night special at our other favourite local restaurant.  Grandma loves the special price on ribs!  I can’t believe I never saw it before, but this just hit me like a ton of bricks, especially since grandma mentioned the $5 eggs again over dinner……

People who scoff at paying $5-6 for a dozen local, organic eggs, think nothing of paying $7-10 for 2 eggs, 1 waffle, & a cup of coffee plus tip every week! Or $80 plus tip for a party of 5 two or three times a month!  I think I’ll stay home next week & make a 2-egg omelet with my own homegrown veggies for a staggering grand total of $0.82!  OK, maybe $1.82 if you calculate the cost of the seed, utilities used in production, & the butter on my toast, but don’t even get me started on the whole GMO, gas-usage, and carbon-footprint thing involved with driving to & from that favourite restaurant 3-6 times a month! It just doesn’t compare.


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