This is what I’m talking about!!!! Wish I lived near Syracuse. Check out the links & dates & take action if you can. If you can’t, reblog, tweet or pass along to your network. The more we voice our opposition to violence, the more positive & hopeful our world will become. Thanks for this post Drones Watch!

Drones Watch

Layout 1APRIL DAYS OF ACTION 2013 – A National Uprising to Stop Drone Spying and Killing

CODEPINK and other national and local groups have joined to form the Network for Stopping Drone Spying and Warfare and are organizing April Days of Action 2013 to generate a public uprising across the United States to stop drone spying and drone warfare.

We urge you to select one or more of the days in April listed below to organize actions in your community to focus on drone-related activities where you live.   The national coordinator for each set of days is listed.  Please be in touch with that person to ask questions and to let them know the days on which you will focus.

April 4 – 6: Drone Manufacturing

Organizers around the country are encouraged to identify drone manufacturing facilities in their regions and organize demonstrations, teach-ins and other actions calling for an end…

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