Control Freaks!


I’ve been noticing a trend in recent days.  There seems to be an overabundance of people with control issues, and people who abuse their positions of power.  I will forever be amazed & perplexed by people who think they can tell others what to do, how to think, how to feel, where to live, how to do their jobs, and how to live their faith.  It really is remarkable!

Every day elected officials all over the world make decisions that affect our lives and the very homes and towns we live in.  Administrators and others in charge of infrastructure, food and water, the very land that sustains life, have the power to help or hurt the environment and our health.  Spiritual and religious leaders wield great power over our souls (or so they delude themselves!), and we allow it.  We allow it when we don’t get involved or voice an opinion.  We allow it when we follow blindly and never seek out truth.  We allow it when we participate in complacency.

Activists throughout history have affected change simply by understanding that unjust laws are in and of themselves acts of violence, and we have a moral responsibility to oppose them through acts of non-violence and civil disobedience (thank-you Gandhi & Dr. ML King!).  The shared joke between my mother & me is that she breaks the rules while I’m more of a rule follower.  These days, however, I’m feeling more than a little rebellious and counter-cultural toward some of these power hungry, self-righteous, manipulative, miserable tyrants!

For me some of the “tyrants” in my life are elected officials, corporations (those connected to our food & water), and a few people I work with or interact with on a regular basis. Identifying people and corporations (corporations are NOT people!) in this way is not something I recommend; in doing so I become the self-righteous one! I cannot simply label people or corporations as disagreeable, negative, or evil and leave it at that. I must take the next step. I must find ways to change unjust laws, affirm just laws, and change my patterns of behavior. The goal, after all, is to find peaceful paths to a more just world, and ultimately my behavior is the only behavior over which I have control.


2 thoughts on “Control Freaks!

  1. Thanks for the Like and follow on my blog, Mariag. Very drawn to this post in particular, as I have one of those “tyrants” you mention in my life, and trying to decide what will be the next step in dealing with this person has been very exhausting.

    • Thanks back atcha! I love chocolate & am so glad to have Costronova locally available. As for the “exhausting tyrants”, I try to “evict the problem-renters” in my head & keep forging ahead with a smile. It is exhausting, though. Good luck!

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