The Horror, The Horror: The Mauling of Gaza

The Horror, The Horror: The Mauling of Gaza.

It’s articles like this (from Brave New World) that just grab me & move me to tears. Then disbelief. I just don’t understand how anyone can read stuff like this & not be moved, or horrified, as the title suggests. I’m moved to disbelief every time I try to start conversations about what’s going on in Gaza, or Syria, Congo, or right here in the USA. When it comes to war, violence, poverty, human rights abuses, human trafficking… You know, the very “respect life” issues Catholics are supposed to care so much about! … I am utterly amazed at how quickly the issues get watered down & rationalized.
Perhaps I’m a bit naive, but when I look at other people I try to see a brother or sister with the same needs, hopes, & capacity for love as me. I’ve been told I’m naive; even by my own mother. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing; I just see things more simply. Was I the only one who took it to heart when my parents & teachers taught me not to rationalize bad behavior?
When we label other people or groups of people, we become lesser human beings who suddenly are capable of atrocious & deadly behavior.


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