Out of My Comfort Zone

I believe life is about how we love others and what positive gifts we leave behind.  Like the rich young man in Mark’s Gospel (Mark 10:17-30), my life has taken the path that leads to that inevitable question:  What now, and what more?  My daughter thought I should start a blog.  Here goes!

The more I learn about social justice issues, the more I want to make a difference, but there are only so many petitions one can sign on Facebook & Twitter.  There are only so many letters to the editor one can write; only so many phone calls to politicians one can make before it begins to feel pointless, monotonous, and (worse) comfortable.  I need to get out of my “comfort zone” and take a more active approach to the things I feel passionate about.  Blogging is definitely feeling uncomfortable!  Wait until I try to figure out how to post links & videos, or try to coordinate events!

In the documentary “The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes”, Garrison Keillor (one of my favorite writers) said “The whole reason for writing is for discovery.  You don’t know what you yourself think until you put it into words.”   Well, I’ve done a lot of thinking, reading, researching, and talking about things like climate change and the environment, organic food, GMO’s, human trafficking, fair trade, consumerism, immigration, and workers rights. Everything is so connected!  It can make your head spin!  I’ve decided that it’s time for me to do something more and get more connected, more actively involved.  Hopefully I’ll make a few discoveries along the way, but mostly I hope to seek truth, make peace, and reverence life!


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